Interim results of the phase I trial with APG101 for the treatment of MDS were presented at the 56th ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition in December 2014.

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About Apogenix

Apogenix develops innovative protein therapeutics for the treatment of cancer and other malignant diseases. With a dedicated, highly qualified team, we have built a promising pipeline of drug candidates that target critical pathways involved in the growth, migration, and apoptosis of diseased cells. Therefore, our drug candidates have the potential for broad application in oncology.



Our lead drug candidate APG101 has demonstrated a statistically significant efficacy in a controlled phase II trial in recurrent glioblastoma – only six years after the first publication of preclinical data that laid the foundation for the use of APG101 to treat this devastating disease. APG101 is currently being evaluated in a phase I trial for the treatment of myelodysplastic syndromes.



The potent antitumor activity of Apogenix’ TRAIL receptor agonists – APG880 and derivatives – has been demonstrated in numerous preclinical studies. Apogenix has entered into a licensing agreement with a large pharmaceutical company to advance the development of these TRAIL receptor agonists.