Asunercept (APG101)

July 2016

“Phase 1 Pass for APG101 ” (Drug Discovery News)
Article on Phase I trial results of APG101 in patients with myelodysplastic syndromes

June 2016

“Apogenix’s Lead Candidate Has More than One Trick up its Sleeve” (
Report and Interview (video) with Thomas Hoeger on APG101 in the treatment of glioblastoma and myelodysplastic syndrome

February 2016

Press coverage of the 3 Million Euro grant from the German Federal Ministry of Education for the clinical development of APG101 in combination with a companion diagnostic test:

July 2015

Press coverage of Apogenix’ cooperation with CANbridge for the development and commercialization of APG101 in Asia:




April 2017

“Next-Gen Cancer Antibody Technology from Germany enters the Clinic” (
Report on the start of the first clinical trial for Apogenix' immuno-oncology candidate ABBV-621 (TRAIL receptor agonist) by AbbVie

July 2016

"Apogenix hex on TNF" (BioCentury Innovation)
Article on the relevance of HERA as a novel immuno-oncology drug development tool

November 2015

“Apogenix Targets Cancer with TNFSF Therapeutics” (EBD Group Bio-Europe Partnering News)
Interview with Juergen Gamer on the development of novel TNFSF therapeutics with the company’s proprietary technology platform




June 2015

Peter Willinger Becomes CFO at Apogenix” (MedNous)
Report of Peter Willinger’s appointment as Apogenix’ new CFO




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