AACR Virtual Annual Meeting 2021

1. Woche: 10.-15. April 2021
2. Woche: 17.-21. Mai 2021

Poster #1587, Session PO.IM02.02 - Combination Immunotherapies: "Generation and characterization of novel bispecific molecules combining single-chain-CD40L with anti-CEA, anti-CD95L or anti-PD-L1 targeting moieties"

Autoren: Matthias Schröder, Katharina Billian-Frey, Jaromir Sykora, Mauricio Redondo-Müller, Karl Heinonen, Jamie Frankish, Christian Gieffers, Meinolf Thiemann, Oliver Hill

Präsentationen und Poster von vergangenen Konferenzen

AACR Virtual Annual Meeting II

22.-24. Juni 2020

Poster #4460: Novel bispecific molecules combining HERA-CD40L with anti-CEA or with anti-PD-L1 for targeting

Poster #4529: Neutralization of pro-apoptotic CD95L by Asunercept/APG101 does not impair anti-tumor immune responses

Präsentation #1076: Hexavalent HERA-CD40L induces a productive T cell-mediated anti-tumor immune response and shows superior activity in comparison to benchmark CD40 agonistic antibodies