ESMO Immuno-Oncology Congress 2019

Dezember 11-14, 2019
Geneva, Switzerland

Representative: Andriy Krendyukov, M.D., VP Medical Affairs

Poster Presentation: "The role of asunercept as a selective CD95L inhibitor in cutaneous melanoma: rationale and results from an enhanced TiRP model"


19th Annual PepTalk

January 20-24, 2020
San Diego, CA, USA

Representative: Katharina Billian-Frey, Ph.D., Senior Scientist Drug Discovery/Protein Engineering

Presentation on January 20, 2:35 pm: HERA-CD40L: A Unique Hexavalent CD40 Agonist for Cancer Immunotherapy


AACR Annual Meeting 2020

April 24-29, 2020
San Diego, CA, USA

Christian Gieffers, Ph.D., VP Protein Chemistry
Christian Merz, Ph.D., Head of Cellular Analytics
Meinolf Thiemann, Ph.D., Director Protein Analytics